Operating Rules




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A Professional Networking Organization

 SCOPE:  The Operating Rules are the guidelines for conducting Referrals Unlimited business.  Any member of Referrals Unlimited may propose a change to update these operating procedures as necessary with 2/3 vote of the Board.

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Section 1:  This organization shall be known as Referrals Unlimited



Section 1:  To keep a flexible process of guidelines for conducting Referrals Unlimited business.


 ARTICLE III - Membership

Section 1:  It is the responsibility of the sponsor to advise prospective members of their role in the meeting agenda.  The sponsor should provide access to the application in advance, should meet the prospective member and escort them into the meeting before 7:30, introduce their guest, advise the prospective member that they will be asked to provide a personal infomercial of no more than 60 seconds, and will be asked to leave the meeting escorted by members at large or in their absence the Vice President prior to Referrals Unlimited business meeting begins.  If the sponsor is unavailable during the introductory period, it is the sponsor’s responsibility to find a substitute sponsor. 

Section 2:  At the request of the President or by his/her own initiative, it is the Sergeant-at-Arms’ responsibility to discuss poor sponsorship with a sponsor.

Section 3:  After being voted into Referrals Unlimited, the new member will receive a copy of the By Laws and Operating Rules and be asked to sign a form, acknowledging that they understand and agree to adhere to these procedures.

Section 4:  Members who change seat positions maintain their seniority.  If a member who is changing seat positions holds an office, a 2/3 vote of the Board will re-instate the ‘new’ member into office.

Section 5:  A member paying a $10 membership fee when reapplying to the group will not be taken to lunch bunch at the expense of the membership.

Section 6:  Members shall have first right to provide bids for all services and products to be purchased by Referrals Unlimited excluding products or services purchased by individual members.


 ARTICLE IV - Membership Termination

 Section 1:  If there is an issue that requires conflict resolution, all parties involved must be notified of the allegations after the Long Range Planning Committee has had its review and reported to the Board

Section 2:  The position of any member with dues in arrears more than 60 days may be challenged.  Any member with outstanding dues of more than 90 days may be sent to collections and forfeit membership.


 ARTICLE V - Officers

 Section 1:  Officers and Directors of the Board will act as “Ambassadors,” greeting guests and new members helping them to become more acquainted with Referrals Unlimited.

Section 2:  The President will forward all recorded information to the Historian on a regular basis and will also maintain a back-up folder consisting of all bylaws, all past treasurer’s reports and past recorded minutes.  The President shall, at the end of his/her term, provide the Historian with all records from his/her term.

Section 3:  There is no term limit on any officer position with the exception of the President/Vice President.

Section 4: The President will appoint a New Member Liason, Education Chair, Social Chair, Sunshine Chair, Public Relations, and Historian. The President is also responsible for end-of-the-year awards / certificates. The expenditures will be voted on by the board and covered by Referrals Unlimited Funds.

Section 5:  In January, at the beginning of the new Presidential term, the incoming President shall be added as an Administrator on both the RU group website and Facebook page, in order to insure club ownership and continuity on the sites.

Section 6:  The Vice-President will take attendance during the Round Robin (introduction of members), prepare quarterly attendance, and notify each member of status. The Vice-President is responsible for the end-of-the-year awards / certificate for the President.  The expenditures will be voted on by the board and covered by Referrals Unlimited Funds.

Section 7:  In January, at the beginning of the new Presidential term, the incoming Secretary shall be added as an Administrator on the RU group Facebook page, in order to insure club ownership and continuity on the site.

Section 8:  The Treasurer shall, at the end of his/her term, provide the Historian with all records from his/her term.

Section 9:  If year-end donations are made, the group will propose the donation recipients and the group will approve by a majority vote.


 ARTICLE VI – Board of Directors

 Section 1: The Sergeant-at-Arms keeps time of all infomercials, gives 2 minute warning, keeps time to 45 seconds for Round Robin, and is responsible for collecting “Party Bucks.”

Section 2:  The Board meeting time is at the discretion of the President.


ARTICLE VII - Election Procedures

Section 1:  The last week in November (before elections), each nominee will spend no more than 1 minute explaining to the membership why the nominee feels they would be a good candidate for the office they have been nominated for.

Section 2:  The infomercial will be suspended during the last meeting of November to allow time for all nominees to speak about why they should be elected to their selected office.

Section 3:  No votes will be collected on any election or vote until the discussion is ended and the President has called for the vote.



Section 1:  Members are encouraged to arrive by 7:15 a.m. so they are able to get signed in and get their breakfast prior to the 7:30 a.m. starting time.  Members arriving and seated not later than 7:30 a.m. for weekly meetings will have the opportunity to stand (45 seconds maximum time is at the discretion of the President), introduce themselves and briefly describe what kind of referrals are good for them; members arriving ‘late’ (after the 7:30 start time) are ineligible for the ‘Round Robin.’ Late-arriving members may buy back into the Round Robin by paying $5.  This weekly brief introduction of members shall be known as the “Round Robin”.

Section 2:  One member, who has signed up in advance, will have the opportunity to present a 15-minute “infomercial” about their business (the member who has signed up for the infomercial must arrive at the meeting no later than 7:30 a.m. to set up).

Section 3:  ‘Education’ will replace the infomercial on the 5th Thursday of any month and will be 30 minutes, including questions/answers.

Section 4:  The first two meetings in February will not include “infomercials” in order to allow for annual business meetings, and general “housecleaning” agendas; no guests are invited for these two meetings.

Section 5:  Each member has the opportunity to offer money (Party Bucks) in exchange for a brief announcement which can be of a business or personal nature; Party Bucks are held in reserve to supply additional funding for social events.


ARTICLE IX - Attendance

 Section 1:  If a member cannot attend, she/he must notify the Vice President via email or phone in order for an absence to be considered “excused.”  The President is the backup for notification if the VP is unavailable.

Section 2:  Members must consistently maintain a 75% quarterly attendance record for two consecutive quarters or their membership in Referrals Unlimited may be challenged. Members will receive a notice each quarter on their attendance percentage.  Should a member be below 75% attendance in a quarter he/she will receive a warning.  If member is not at or above a 75% attendance record in the next quarter their position will be open to be challenged. The position will remain open until he/she has completed one full quarter with a 75% or higher attendance record.  Both excused and unexcused absences will be counted as missed meetings when the attendance record is calculated.   Attendance will be taken during the Round Robin (introduction of members). Any member who is not present for the start of Round Robin will be marked as absent.

Section 3:  Attendance at the 3 major Social Events sponsored by RU and the quarterly Business After Hours will be included in the 75% attendance requirement.


ARTICLE X - Revenue


Section 1:  The weekly meeting fee of $17 includes a light breakfast; this charge is subject to change.  Payment is expected for each member whether or not they eat breakfast or are in attendance, unless the member is on an approved leave of absence.

Section 2:  Corporate membership fee is $100, renewable annually.

Section 3:  One-time fee for returning members (in good standing, within 1 year) is $10.  There is no one-time fee for retired members.

Section 4:  Referrals Unlimited will pay meeting fees for any current RU member who brings a qualified prospective member guests to their third regular meeting; RU will also pay meeting fees for the prospective member guest’s third meeting.

Section 5:  If a member leaves Referrals Unlimited with a balance due on their financial account, a statement will be sent giving 30 days to pay in full or the account may be sent to collections.

Section 6:  On any RU event the cost will be added to dues on the sign up deadline of said event.  A payment authorization disclaimer will be added to the sign up sheet stating if not paid by specific deadline cost will be added to dues.



ARTICLE XI – Directors & Committee Chairmen

(All are appointed by the President.)


Section 1:  All chair position are appointed by the President unless otherwise stated.  All chair positions are non-voting positions.

Section 2:  The Education Chair is responsible for the organization of educational programs through the use of presentations, seminars, and outside speakers. He / she stays current with all rules of the By-laws and Operating Rules, and provides an educational presentation applicable to business on every 5th Thursday of each month, in lieu of an infomercial.

Section 3:  The Social Chair coordinates all social events for Referrals Unlimited, a minimum of two scheduled annually with each participant contributing.  Referrals Unlimited may pay incidental expenses related these events as deemed appropriate by the Board.  The scheduled events are the adults-only Christmas party and a family picnic.  Others are events such as rafting trips, golfing, bowling, a day at the races, or any other parties will be planned as deemed appropriate.

Section 4:  The Sunshine Chair is responsible for leading the group in acknowledging birthdays, business personal, and Referrals Unlimited anniversaries, illnesses, and other member noteworthy events.  The member information sheet will be updated yearly during the January business meetings and will include Referrals Unlimited start date.  Receipts for expenditures need to be submitted to the Treasurer in a timely manner.  All birthdays falling during the year-end break will be celebrated during the last meeting week in December.

Section 5:  The Public Relations officer is responsible to promote Referrals Unlimited and its members in our community through press releases, RU attendance at community events, RU donation opportunities, etc.

Section 6:  The Historian is responsible to archive all Referrals Unlimited historical documents:  Bylaws, Operating Rules, meeting agendas, Board minutes, attendance, Treasury records, etc.

Section 7:   The Webmaster is responsible to maintain the Referrals Unlimited website with information regarding members, forms, procedures, Bylaws, Operating Rules etc. as well as current technological advancements as required.  An invoice for services must be submitted to the Treasurer in a timely manner.  An agreement and contract will be approved by the board for services annually.  The Webmaster may or may not be a member of RU.  The Webmaster contact to the Referral’s Unlimited Group is the Vice President.

Section 8:  The New Member Liaison becomes the mentor for new members for the group. They will help in completing a New Member Checklist with the new member.  They will also be responsible for getting this information to other members of the group who will need it for getting the new member acclimated.  The immediate past President of RU has the first right of refusal for Chair of this position for the next year, or is appointed by the new President.

Section 8:  The Long Range Planning Committee by design is responsible for hearing disputes between members, making a recommendation to the Board who makes the final determination.  Any accusation must be presented to the President in writing in a timely manner; only those issues in the document will be reviewed.  The President will pass the information to the Long Range Planning Committee for processing.


ARTICLE XII - Miscellaneous


Section 1:  At the end of the year, the President call for the annual audit which takes place by the end of January; the audit results are an action item for the February Board Meeting.


ARTICLE XIII - Organization Responsibilities and Filing Status



ARTICLE XIV - Amendments












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