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Join Referrals Unlimited Federal Way

 Referrals Unlimited welcomes new members by invitation only per the By-Laws. Prospective members must attend 3 consecutive meetings to start the membership process and they must submit their completed membership "Getting to Know You" application page to the Membership Director by the end of the business day on the day of their first meeting. The full application form must be received by the end of business day of the second meeting.


RU Membership permits each member to represent only one business category and each business is represented by only one member. Membership status must remain in good standing to hold your position within the group, which means members must be current with all dues ($90 membership fee & $17 weekly dues), maintain attendance standards, and withhold from any unresolved conflicts, such as unprofessional behavior or complaints against the business.

Guests are welcome to attend any general session of RU with an invitation from a current member of the group. Prospective members are expected to arrive on time and present a 60 second infomercial about their business. All guests are asked to leave prior to the start of the business portion of the meeting. A simple majority vote during the third meeting will confirm or deny membership of a prospective member. The membership director notifies all applicants of their membership status.